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The best way to ensure that you have an enjoyable car rental is to be prepared.

Renting a car with Budget

Clearly it is important to bring with you the appropriate documents that will allow us to release the car to you.

These include; Driving Licence / Passport / Credit Card Details Name and Address

General information

Where are all your locations?
Budget has thousands of locations worldwide. To find out more, please visit the Rental Locations Section

What types of discounts and upgrades are available?
Car rental pricing is like airline pricing - if you travel at off-peak times or make a reservation seven or more days in advance, you often get a better deal.

Can I add additional drivers?
Additional drivers are allowed at most locations, though they must meet the minimum age requirements, present a valid driver's license and credit card, and have a clean driving record. There may be a surcharge for an additional driver. The cost of any surcharge varies from location to location.